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Why choose Eurodesign for my kitchen and bathroom design.?

Building your new kitchen & bathroom is one of the most important home projects you’ll ever undertake. We understand that you’ll be spending a lot of time in your kitchen & bathroom so you want for everything to be just perfect. You want to be sure you have a kitchen & bathroom layout that makes the best use of every square centimetre. You should feel sure you have considered all the latest materials, lighting, cabinetry, worktops and all the appliance options. You alos want to be sure you have considered all the possible layout options and have chosen the best for your budget; designed for the way you like to live. You also want a ‘designer kitchen & bathroom‘ that is superb value for money that is impeccably manufactured. When you choose Eurodesign you can be completely confident that everything has been considered with the surety of our vastly experienced kitchen & bathroom designer.

What if I already know exactly what I want, do I still need a kitchen & bathroom designer=?

Have you ever given an architect or building designer a full brief about your new house or renovation only for them to come back with ideas you’d never previously considered? It’s the same when you employ a professional kitchen & bathroom designer. We stretch your imagination and give you new things to consider. By the way, architects are great at designing houses but usually they indicate only the position of the kitchen & bathroom, leaving the detail to the professional kitchen & bathroom designers.

How long has Eurodesign been operating?

Eurodesign has been established in 2011 in Sydney after a family move from New Zealand. Benefiting from 15 years of Interior Design experience and a vast portfolio of Kitchen & Bathroom projects.Eurodesign’s priority is to ensure convenience and ease so that all clients enjoy the new kitchen & bathroom experience.

Who are the KBDi / NKBA & CDS and should this influence my decison?

Eurodesign is a proud member of them all. KBDi is  Australia’s only Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute – making sure the level of education, professionalism and knowledge is kept up to date within the caring designers industry.”Always use a certified kitchen & bathroom designer” for your projects.NKBA is the organisation in New Zealand following the American model of education – same as the KBDi. CDS – Certified Designers Society – an organisation which promotes the certified designers and provides a level of education and on-going development for the ‘Best of the Best’.

How much does a new kitchen & bathroom cost?

Good question and one that everyone asks…so let’s say from $8,000 to $80,000 and upwards. It’s a little like asking “How  long is a piece of string?” There are so many factors that contribute to the final cost of a new kitchen or bathroom. Factors such as the size of your kitchen or bathroom, the finish on the cupboards, the number of cupboards and drawers, fittings, bench top, splash back and appliances. We will discuss the various options with you to ensure you receive the best choices to suit your budget. Our unique service allows us to select goods from various manufacturers depending on your budget.We will never compromise on quality. We are proud of our reputation for providing superb quality.

Can you help us with the appliances?

Yes. Please take advantage of our up- to-the-minute knowledge of what is available.We will always present our unbiased recommendations or just let us know what you expect from your appliance. We can also offer you great price advantage with package deals from reputable appliance dealers.

What is the best bench top material?

This depends on what you are after. The best look? The best feel? The best resistance to wear and tear? The best value for money? It is all a personal choice!

• A Stainless Steel bench top will last a lifetime if cared for properly.

• You’ll never tire of your granite top. The natural shading and crystals will keep it interesting, especially with changing light conditions

• Engineered stones have consistent patterns or none at all. They are hard wearing just like Granites. Some of them weigh less as they may be mounted on a timber substrate.

• The nonporous Acrylic surfaces are trouble free and renewable. Invisible joins are possible and the product can be formed to shape.

• Solid timber bench tops are an investment in a warm, natural choice. Only the best manufacturing will ensure a lasting result.

• High Pressure Laminates are resistant to reasonable wear but have their place. With regular care and attention, they will last for many years.

We can offer all the options and there’s bound to be one that’s just right for you.

What is the best finish; laminates or polyurethane?

Low pressure Melamine offers a tough, scratch resistant surface. They come in a variety of finishes and stunning colours and textures. The important factor is the correct manufacturing.

Polyurethane cabinetry is very hard wearing when manufactured correctly. Proper application of under coats and top coats ensures a lasting kitchen or bathroom. The manufacturing is labour intensive, with the final quality dependent on the skills of the craftsman.

Colour selection is only limited by your imagination.

Why is space optimisation important?

Even if you had an unlimited budget, the space allocated for each room is limited even when building from scratch. Eurodesign designs always focus on making the most of the available space without compromising on aesthetics and practicality. Our attention to detail ensures that every possible avenue has been explored. We discuss different options and offer suggestions that will help you understand your space and its scope and limitations.

Your consultation with our kitchen & bathroom designer may include considerations such as: Can we remove a wall? Is there enough natural light? Are there too many windows which limit the available wall space? Is the corridor to the back door ever used? Can we incorporate a space belonging to an adjacent room? We want to see your home to be able to make the most of your project and investment – this is our specialty.

Am I restricted by the existing space?

Not necessarily as we do not limit ourselves to the existing allocated area…we literally think outside the square. In fact over 50% of our projects involve things like removing a wall, breaking into the next room, fitting a new window and design details that make all the difference, e.g. adding French doors.  All options are considered at the design stage.

So you can manage the project from start to finish?

Purchasing a new kitchen & bathroom should be an enjoyable and exciting experience, but having to deal with various tradesmen can create unnecessary stress for you and cause time delays.

Eurodesign can organise and co-ordinate all the necessary trades, including the builder, electrician and plumber. We know who’s good out there and as we give these people repeat business, they never let us down. To you, this means you get your new kitchen & bathroom installed with no fuss and it’s operational in the shortest possible time …with only one point of contact…Eurodesign. 

What if I want to change something along the way?

Once you have had more time to look at the plan, you may wish to make some alterations. We are happy to make these changes for you and if they are of a minor nature there are usually no costs involved.

We're thinking of selling because we don't like our kitchen or bathroom?

You may be surprised to hear how many people have told us that they love their present home, its location and proximity to friends and schools…but they hate the kitchen and/or bathroom. Think of it this way…a new kitchen or bathroom can cost less than the real estate fees alone, and throw in the advertising costs and you’ve got yourself a new bathroom as well (not to mention those invasive open homes).

Why not ask us to see what we can come up with for your existing home? You may save yourself the time, money and hassles of moving home.


What else can you offer other than kitchen & bathroom design?

We have many years of experience in interior decoration and space planning. Colour consultation and co-ordination is needed in every project. We can also help with window treatments, lighting suggestions, flooring, tiling – we are always willing to give suggestions and help when needed.

What areas does Eurodesign cover?

We go Sydney wide for most of our projects. However we will and have gone NSW wide, we go Australia wide, we go, quite often New Zealand wide … good design has no boundaries! With today’s digital technology there are a lot of ways to work very efficiently on an out of area project.